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Over the years the consumption to generate electricity has witnessed an exponential growth - the needs of many being served by a few. In this case, few are the fossils that serve the demand, fewer are the people engaged in abandoning this dependence and even fewer engineers engage in perpetuating this cycle forward with a scope to provide a newer approach to build upon this exercise of parametric innovation.

We at GREEN9 (ENergy Efficiency Research Group) imbibe this ambition at our core and promise to meet the energy demands with unmatched efficiency and be the torch bearer in this path until the word that was inoculated by the United Nations in 1987 as “Sustainable Development” finds its true meaning and practice inculcated in our daily lives.

The journey had begun long ago, yet, the stimuli towards its authenticity remains a subject of question that has not found the right answers, a doubtful arena of research – wherein all its researchers develop and prosecute for the answers they bring forth. So is the principle at which the GREEN9 was formulated.

Rise in CO2 emissions with an ever increasing depreciation of coal reserves (861 Billion Tons as per 2013, a lasting life of 112 years)

  • Life for a renewable engineer revolves around like a Compact Florescent Light (CFL) viz. “One light source replaces many.”

Therefore, painting a vivid picture for the development of energy without compromising the efficiency requirements.

Plan to corroborate:

“Audits” have been a soul, reverberating around the ethics that unfold ones perception about usage of electricity and energy demands. The closer we look into a discipline in which the consumption takes place, the wider scope to assimilate the solution. Hence, providing a holistic solution to govern all the issues which are put forth to mend the present fiasco!

1) The quest to reduce the Carbon dioxide footprint by reducing power generation through effective energy audit, conservation and management with an initiative named as the “GREEN9 - MAX.  2020”.
2) To design and develop, innovative technologies/methodologies to improve the efficiency of the energy utilization.
3) To promote the save energy/renewable energy awareness to the general public through events, advertistisements and social medias.


GREEN9 - MAX.  2020 – An initiative to Maximize the efficiency of  2020 numbers of consumer (Industrial, Residential, Commercial and Institutional), before the year 2020.